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The Video

Keywords that can get ranked – the Secret to Success with high ranking videos on Youtube.

Here is the Youtube Video for this site. How did it go for Ranking?
Number 1 on Google itself within 42 minutes of uploading the video!
And that is from 19,800,000 Results (see below)

Keywords that can get ranked - the Secret to Success with high ranking for videos on Youtube

However, by using sensible keywords that can get ranked,
we even got a second listing in Google itself,
This time within 1 hour, from 22,800,000 Results:

Keywords that can get ranked - the Secret to Success with high ranking for videos on Youtube

The secret is to use sensible, LOCAL Keywords that can get ranked
in Youtube
and may even get ranked in Google itself.


For many searches – for example “dog grooming coolangatta” – we have very high rankings on Youtube but lower rankings on a Google search; we still make page 1 of Google but not at the top.  For other searches – for example “video marketing services australia” – we have very high rankings on Youtube for more than one video but no-one has a video in the first 5 pages (at least) of Google results.  It seems for some searches Google has decided not to show videos in the high search engine results.  For searches on “dog grooming coolangatta” – we have 3 of the top 4 results on Youtube and the top 2 searches on Google itself; so clearly there is a lack of consistency between Youtube results and Google results.So it becomes a question of going with “What is Possible” rather than asking for the impossible. If you ask us for page 1 rankings – even on Youtube – for “Bitcoin” or “making money” we will politely decline. Our Video Ranking Service is aimed Location/Service keywords, for example Southport Plumbing Services or Burleigh Heads Hairdressing Salon or Video Ranking Service Gold Coast. For most LOCAL Services this makes sense anyway. If you live in Burleigh Heads, even travelling to the Northern Gold Coast to visit a hair dresser is unlikely – you want someone close by. For Southport Plumbing Services the exact search could even be made tighter, for example “Southport 24/7 Plumbing Services or “Southport Emergency Plumbing Services” are better searches because you want someone close by AND you want them in a hurry!

In the previous example, we could target BOTH “Southport 24/7 Plumbing Services and “Southport Emergency Plumbing Services” with the same video. For other searches, making 3 x 1-minute videos targeting 3-6 different keywords gives better results than 1 x 3-minute video that tries (unsuccessfully) to target multiple search terms. Our expertise and experience helps you to target the right keywords with the right video. Ring Terry now on 0468 420 470 for a Free Consultation.

Check out some of the videos at to see how we used more than 1 keyword in the Title of most of the videos.